Latin America is a market of about 655 Million People, lots of resources, growing economies and huge potential for the development of new technologies for B2C business.

StartUps Latam blog was born as an initiative to share opinions and facts happening in the StartUps industries and VCs economy in the region.
At this blog, we pretend to discuss about trends in the industry, about leading and most influencial startups in the continent, TOP entrepreneurs, acceleration programs, principal universities and so on. The initiative was founded for founders, investors, or anyone related or interested tech brand new companies, all by founders to inform and communicate what’s new.

We will frequently invite columnists, founders, investors and a huge list of stakeholders so we can have different points of view for same facts at different angles. Whenever an invitee is called to collaborate, the opinions and columns on the blog are personal of the authors.

About the Author:

Miguel McAllister CEO - Merqueo

I´m Miguel McAllister, tech entrepreneur since the late 2000 and computer science engineer. I have developed tech business  in different industries such as tech insurance, VoIP, FoodTech and e-commerce, taking them from idea to high growth mixing technology and marketing since VC was new in the region and have expanded some of them to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.
I developed this blog as a way to inform about topics I would like to have knew at the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur

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